Inspiring Sustainable Thinking


Circular Economy Concepts Dissemination

"Introduction to Circular Economy"


Inspiring talks about Circular Economy Concepts, legislation trends, reference projects and successful application cases

Added Value:

  • Assimilation of the main concepts of Circular Economy
  • Knowledge of different applications and successful cases in the development of sustainable products and services
  • Knowledge of legislation trends, policies and practical examples

Applied Circular Economy to Competitiveness

"A new approach to achieve competitiveness"


Dissemination and ad-hoc training courses about application of Circular Economy concepts to improve competitiveness of companies and to develop economic, social and environmentally sustainable products and services

Added Value:

  • Comprehension about practical application of Circular Economy concepts to the design and development of products and services as well as to the transformation of linear to circular processes
  • Knowledge about different methodologies and tools to integrate Circular Economy into the main product development processes of a company
  • Cases of Application and examples of development

Circular Business Models

"Zero-waste business models"


Dissemination sessions about the different options and opportunities for circular business models, as well as about the application of Circularity Canvas for their development

Added Value:

  • Approach to circular business models and their different options and opportunities
  • Circular business models values: sourcing, customer, environmental, informational
  • Circularity Canvas methodology
  • Practical cases about the development of a circular business idea
  • Traditional Canvas vs Circularity Canvas