About us


We design and develop sustainable business models, products and services (economical, social and environmental), applying Circular Economy principles.


Sustainn aims to be a know-how world reference to develop economical, social and environmentally sustainable business models, products and services, as well as to inspire new generations to build a zero-waste society and a sustainable and perdurable future.

Our Values

Sustainn is a socially responsible company committed to the following core values:

  • Excellence. We are what we do everyday, in every activity and for everyone. We pursue excellence, not as an activity, but as an habit.
  • Passion for Sustainability. We work with all our  heart to contribute to a perdurable and sustainable world and a zero-waste society.
  • Cooperation and Collaboration. From our cooperation approach and spirit, we share our knowledge, learning and creativity to add value to customers, partners, the society and future generations.
  • Diversity and Inclusion. We integrate a diversity of capacities and skills, visions and ideas to enhance the development, autonomy and quality of life of people.

We are Sustainn!

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