Circularity Assessment Methodologies. State of the Art Review

9 de February de 2023

The circularity assessment of regions, cities, projects, products and services is becoming a trend as more projects are being developed recently for the transition to a circular economy.

In this regard, Oceanwise project within “Circularity Indicators & Tools” work package, led by Sustainn, has been analysing the current state-of-the-art regulations, standards, guidelines, methodologies and tools to perform circularity assessment for generic products, and specifically, to perform circularity assessment of current and alternative solutions for EPS/XPS products and applications.

The most relevant findings from the deliverable are:

  • There is a great research activity in this field (more than 50 relevant articles and papers found) and a remarkable effort is being done around the world to develop standards, guidelines and methodologies to assess circularity of territories, cities, organizations and products.
  • No specific regulations to perform circularity assessments of products have been developed yet. The report evaluates the most relevant standards, guidelines or methodologies developed by normalization, standardization bodies and recognized organizations and institutions, showing that the circular economy is just at the starting point from the point of view of the legislation and regulations.
  • No methodology or reference developed ad-hoc for EPS/XPS has been found at this moment to carry out a circularity assessment of EPS/XPS products and applications. However, a lot of relevant aspects can be used to develop a specific methodology and tools to perform it combining circularity and
    sustainability assessments

This report provides also recommendations for the development of a methodology to perform circularity and sustainability assessment of current and alternative technical solutions for EPS/XPS products and applications, which has been developed within a specific deliverable (to be described in following posts).

You can access the complete document by clicking on the following picture (deliverable front page).

Circularity Assessment Methodologies

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